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NSTR is dedicated to helping all candidates reach their goals whether this be in the UK, in Europe or offshore. Over the years we have built strong, established relationships with high calibre clients including Big 4 and placed many candidates throughout the years into all roles from Big 4 to boutique and local firms.


We cover locations such as Malta, Gibraltar, Channel Islands, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands and The Isle of Man.

Picture taken in Cayman Islands, 2019

So why should you move offshore?

There are many great reasons to consider a move offshore such as low tax, amazing climate and new challenges, but most importantly it is a great place to progress in your career while being able to explore fantastic locations and take part in life-changing activities.

At NSTR we are completely transparent about all our roles and what you can expect. Over the years have been asked many questions about working offshore, therefore, we have put together some of our most asked questions to help you decide if a move offshore is for you.

“When do people typically relocate offshore?”

Typical intakes are between August and November during which thorough training is provided in advance of the new calendar year / busy season.

“What is the process of securing a role?”

One of our specialist consultants will reach out to you and assist you with preparing your CV before offering you a shortlist of prospective firms and recommended roles to apply to based on your skillset and experience to date.

Picture taken in Cayman Islands, 2019

Typically, there will be 2 rounds of interview, which will take place via telephone and/or Skype. If successful, an offer will be issued and upon your acceptance a contract will be released for you to sign.

“What salaries do Audit Seniors earn in Bermuda and Cayman?”

Bermuda salaries tend to be around $70,000-$72,000 USD, whereas Cayman salaries can range between $60,000-$70,000 dependant on experience.

“Which island has the best weather?”

Bermuda has a more seasonal climate, albeit remains hot and sunny throughout most of the year. Cayman is consistently hot, sunny and tropical. #paradise

“Do I need Financial Services experience?”

Financial Services is desirable, but not essential. If you don’t have the experience, you will receive thorough training once you arrive.

“How long do people relocate for?”

Typically, contracts range from 18 months to 2 years. However, many people including those we have placed have gone on to Senior levels within their respective firm / move into industry or relocate somewhere else.

“How easy is it to relocate?”

With any offer you receive, you will have your flights covered along with a relocation allowance and accommodation for the first couple of weeks.
Just pack a bag! You can pick up anything you need on island or via Ecay, the Cayman Islands own version of ‘Ebay’.

Take a look at our International Jobs page to explore some of our hot jobs and download our offshore booklet for more information.

Picture taken in Cayman Islands, 2019

What our candidates say…

“I was previously employed in the UK at a Big 4 accounting firm and thanks to the excellent help of Nick and his team at NSTR I managed to land a job overseas in the Cayman Islands. Initially the idea of this move was daunting and I didn’t really know where to start regarding contacts, firms or even locations. From the first moment I contacted NSTR I was placed in a position where I understood exactly what my options were going forward and how to achieve them. Nick instantly got me a job interview with a firm in the Cayman Islands once I selected it as a probable destination and within a week or so I was on the phone to a manager there; it just so happened Nick had placed the manager in the Cayman Islands a couple of years before. Further to the above Nick made sure that throughout my application I knew exactly what I was expecting for each interview, supplying me with mock interview questions and guidance on how come across throughout. In summary my experience with Nick and NSTR has been excellent and they made it very easy to land a dream job overseas.”
Robert Dixon, Audit Senior

“Nick reached out to me very quickly with a few options available for me that would match my interest and available within the timeline I gave him. It was extremely easy to communicate with him even if we were in two different time zones (I am from Canada).”

“Extremely detailed & thorough interview prep.”

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