March 2022 – 2 Min Read 

With an ongoing increased demand for payroll candidates, maybe now is the right time to consider why hiring junior payroll candidates would be a great option.

The cost of hiring a junior payroll candidate is much lower. As the market is becoming more and more competitive, demand for experienced payroll candidates is constantly on the rise resulting in candidates having more options, receiving multiple interviews/offers and candidates are demanding higher salaries.

Since Covid, we’ve seen a growing demand for hybrid and remote working.  With more organisations than ever offering remote working options and an increased demand for payroll professionals, salaries are being pushed upwards.

Payroll candidates with less experience will not demand such a high salary.  This justifies the funding for training and resources. Statistics have shown that hiring less experienced candidates help businesses to improve their productiveness and services which will result in increased revenue.

Taking a chance on junior payroll candidates, means they can be trained and moulded to specifically fit the role as well as company values. As a result, candidates won’t pick up or come with bad habits. In effect making them the best fit for the role in the long term!

You could argue that junior payroll candidates are more likely to be hardworking, in order to live up to company expectations and impress their employer. Less experienced candidates will be more productive as they will challenge themselves more. Through providing the right training and support to employees, they are arguably much more likely to stay loyal.


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Written by Jodie Bowe
Candidate Manager – Payroll Division
[email protected]
March 2022